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Introducing the NanoTest Vantage


The NanoTest Vantage system offers a complete range of nanomechanical and nanotribological tests in one flexible and user friendly instrument.

With just one test platform a range of mechanical properties can be investigated, allowing a complete picture of material performance to be assembled.

  • Nanoindentation (both quasi-static and dynamic)
  • Nano-impact and fatigue
  • Nano-scratch and wear
  • Nano-fretting

Control environmental conditions to assess true ‘in-service’ properties

Material properties can vary greatly in response to the local environmental properties. The NanoTest Vantage is the only instrument which allows researchers to characterise and optimise their materials under the following range of conditions:

  • High temperature nanoindentation, nanoscratch and nanoimpact to 850 ºC
  • Low temperature nanoindentation and nanoscratch to -20 ºC
  • With sample and probe immersed in liquids
  • In reduced oxygen/ purged conditions
  • Under controlled humidity levels

The NanoTest Ad-Vantage

As well as offering unique capability, the NanoTest Vantage system has a range of advantages for the researcher:

The NanoTest is a fully modular system that allows the user to configure the system to meet their individual needs. The system can be expanded at a later date to include further modules, meaning that your system can evolve as your needs/ research interests change.

The NanoTest Vantage is designed to maximise output while minimising user time. Scheduling software allows the instrument to run 24/7.

Micro Materials are committed to strong customer service and research collaborations. Many of our testing modules have been developed in response to the needs of our customers.