Webinar recording available- The “random impact” test

Click here to watch a recording of The “random impact” test – a revolutionary nano-impact testing method for simulating erosive wear in coatings and bulk materials, held on 28th Feb 2023

Speaker: Prof Ben Beake, Micro Materials Ltd

When a material is subjected to solid particle erosion, the surface is impacted by particles at random locations and the subsequent wear is complicated by the interactions between the impact-damaged regions. Micro Materials have developed a completely new impact test technique, which enables real erosion conditions to be accurately simulated by programmed stage movement that produces multiple nano-impacts at different locations on the test sample service.

This webinar describes the new test with examples of where it has been used in the development of advanced thermal barrier coating (TBC) systems for jet engines.

Results from the new test show excellent correlation with conventional erosion tests on TBCs, replicating damage mechanisms and coating rankings.