Nanoindentation NanoTest Vantage Biomedical

Biomedical Applications

Optimising the mechanical properties for biomedical applications and devices is a key step in determining their clinical performance. The mechanical integrity and wear resistance of a biomaterial are vital to its continuing success in vivo.  This is particularly important for long term implantable devices, such as total joint replacements, which need to function effectively over periods of 20 years or more.

Real World conditions for testing at nano levels

With nano tests of the performance of innovations such as artificial joints taking several months to complete, it is not usually feasible to test each potential development. This is where the NanoTest system has proved so effective in industry and academic research. The NanoTest Vantage allows a wide range of mechanical and wear tests to be carried out on actual medical devices, with their complex geometries, in an environment that will faithfully replicate long-term operating conditions.

The NanoTest Vantage is one machine that brings a huge range of options into the laboratory – its incredible flexibility (achieved through a modular design) enables it carry out a massive range of different tests across an almost infinite number of materials.


The NanoTest has the following test capabilities within BioMedical Applications:

  • Hydrogels
  • Functionaly graded materials
  • Soft biological tissues
  • Combinatorial testing
  • Biomedical devices