Intellectual Property

As a reflection of the novel, innovative and applicable research Micro Materials has been committed to over the years, we have registered numerous patent applications covering our work in the field of nano testing.  Some of these are listed below:

  • High temperature – Control of relative sample and tip temperature during indentation (Power lock method)
    (International patent application number W)2011/104529)
  • Testing surface frictional properties of materials on a scale down to that of nanometres
    (GB patent application number 2482595)
    A method and apparatus for measuring the frictional properties of a surface on a small scale by direct measurement of the energy dissipated at a sliding probe-sample contact. The measurement of frictional force is not required.
  • Mounting of test probe for use at elevated temperatures (>400°C)
    (UK and Switzerland patent application number 1115735.1)
  • Impact – method for measuring surface properties
    (European patent number EP 1 095 254)
    Apparatus for small-scale impact testing in which high strain rates are produced in a localised small volume. This enables thin film properties to be measured with minimal influence from the underlying substrate.
  • Pendulum Impulse impact – quantative method for determination of impact energies and determination of dynamic hardness
    (GB 0008733.8)
  • Variable Temperature Stage – novel design for using continuous depth recording techniques to measure hardness, elastic modulus, scratch resistance and impact resistance at variable temperatures.
    (GB 0118182.5)
  • Testing the Surface and thin-film mechanical properties of materials using an impact target
    (GB 0920608.7)
  • Continuous Compliance Measurement