Nanoindentation NanoTest Vantage Microelectronics

Microelectronic Applications

The microelectronics sector moves quickly: gaining a technical lead can be critical to gaining a market advantage. Key to this is having testing processes that can determine future performance of potential new materials and coatings, that may offer enhanced capability, quickly, reliably and cost effectively. Microelectronic applications and nano testing for microelectonics is one of the many test facilities that the NanoTest Vantage can provide.

Nano-scale tests to optimise reliability

Lead-containing (Sn-Pb) solder joints have been used extensively in the micro-electronics industry for decades. Whilst promising lead-free solders such as SAC (Sn-Ag-Cu) have been developed for domestic use, concerns remain over their reliability.  They are much less well characterised, particularly under working environments as experienced in micro-electronics applications, where industrial studies have shown that failure rates are too high and degradation mechanisms differ from those in domestic uses.


Use the NanoTest to characterise and optimise: