New Book Chapter – Integrated Nanomechanical Characterisation of Hard Coatings

Micro Materials are pleased to have contributed to a chapter in the new “Protective Thin Coatings Technology” CRC Press book.

Our work in collaboration with Prof Tomasz Liskiewicz at MMU and Prof Vlad Vishnyakov at Huddersfield on combining advanced experimental techniques in the NanoTest with simulated stress distributions to better understand coating performance in demanding tribological applications and to design coating systems for improved wear resistance has just been published:- Chapter 4 “Integrated nanomechanical characterisation of hard coatings”, BD Beake, VM Vishnyakov, TW Liskiewicz, pp95-140 in the new CRC Press book “Protective Thin Coatings Technology”, Edited by S Zhang, J-M Ting and W-Y Wu, ISBN 9781003088349.

In the chapter we show how detailed simulated stress distributions enable room and high temperature microtribological data to be interpreted more effectively providing mechanistic information which can be the key to unlocking exactly where and why coatings systems fail, and then to designing coatings with improved performance.

A full description of the book can be found in the link below.