Nano-indentation testing on high entropy alloys: webinar 2nd May

16.30 India Standard Time, (12 noon British Summer Time)

In this seminar, Dr Abheepsit Raturi, of IIT Kanpur will discuss nanoindentation testing on refractory high entropy alloys and present nanoindentation hardness and modulus data of refractory high entropy alloys across temperatures (298 – 1173 K), exploring softening trends. Traditional methods for determining the elastic modulus and strength at elevated temperatures require large samples and expensive set ups. Nanoindentation offers a novel approach to predict hardness and modulus values at different temperatures.
Therefore, Dr Raturi will present measured nanoindentation hardness and modulus data over a range of temperatures and show the results of a comparison between the measured nanoindentation elastic modulus and strength properties and the corresponding values estimated by Ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) simulations.

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