Nanoindentation on bio and biomimetic materials

Free online seminar – 26th Sept, 10.00 am BST
To register, please follow this link: Accurate nanoindentation on biological and biomimetic materials, Sept 26th 2023

Accurate and useful testing of the mechanical properties of biological and biomimetic materials critically relies on two key factors: (1) the ability to test under suitable environmental conditions (e.g. fully submerged in liquid) and (2) high precision contact detection to ensure the accuracy of the data obtained. Detecting the exact point of contact becomes significantly more challenging when the test sample has very low stiffness in the 1-10 kPa range.

In this presentation, Adrian will describe recent hardware and software improvements to the NanoTest to enable reliable measurements on extremely soft and compliant materials and will present new results on a range of cross-linked hydrogel coatings