Electrical Contact Resistance (ECR) Tech Note

The electrical contact resistance (ECR) module measures the electrical current and voltage between an electrically conductive indenter and sample during any of the nano/micro mechanical measurements (nanoindentation, nano-scratch, nano-impact, nano-fretting, reciprocating nano-wear) possible on the NanoTest Vantage. The tech note (linked below) describes two case studies using the ECR module:

Electrical Contact Resistance Tech Note PDF

(1) Nanoindentation + ECR: Phase transformations during nanoindentation of silicon

Silicon undergoes complex behavior during indentation, with phase transformations and brittle fracture at higher load. To investigate these in greater detail, in situ ECR measurements using a Boron-doped diamond Berkovich indenter can provide additional information about the phase transformations that occur in loading and unloading.

(2) NanoTriboTest + ECR: Reciprocating nano-wear of metallic materials.

The combination of the NanoTriboTest module with in situ ECR measurements has been used to investigate wear of multi-layer electroplated sliding connectors and bulk noble metal alloys in longer tests.