Maximum load of the High Load Head increased to 30 N


Micro Materials are pleased to announce that the maximum load of the high load head for the NanoTest Vantage systems has been extended to 30 N. This large increase is a result of ongoing development work at Micro Materials and further establishes the NanoTest Vantage as a comprehensive micro and nano indentation system.


Higher loads mean that multilayer coatings, thick coatings and graded systems can be tested more reliably. In addition, higher loads mean that larger radius probes can be used for scratch testing which enables more reliable testing of thick coatings. Compensating for insufficient load range by reducing the tip radius is not sustainable in the long term as rapid tip wear will occur and this will have a significant implication on results.


The 30 N extension is now a standard feature for all NanoTest Vantage systems that are supplied with the high load head. It is also available as an upgrade for our current NanoTest Vantage users. Please contact us for further information.

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