Maximum load of the High Load Head increased to 30 N

Micro Materials are pleased to announce that the maximum load of the high load head for the NanoTest Vantage systems has been extended to 30 N.

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US Demonstration Facility

Micro Materials are very pleased to announce a new partnership with MechAction, Inc. based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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Appointment of Distributor in Australia and New Zealand

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Hylec Controls…

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Recent publications from our users

Micro Materials have produced a review of some of the…

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Using nano-impact for predicting cutting tool durability

Nano-impact testing is increasingly recognised as a useful test for evaluating the effect of highly loaded repetitive contact situations. This includes the ability to assess the life of high speed machining tools. Nano-impact testing is particularly suitable for high strain rate contact testing. The strain rates of nano-impact testing are typically 100-1000 s-1, much greater than the nano-indentation strain rates of 0.0001 – 0.01 s-1.

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